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  high season
From 15 June to 15 September
low season
Rest of the year
Adult 5,95 € 4,75 €
Child 5,80 € 4,50 €
Tent 6,35 € 5,00 €
Car 5,95 € 4,75 €
Caravan 6,35 € 5,00 €
Campingcar 10,75 € 7,54 €
Motor-cycle 5,95 € 4,75 €
Electricity 5,95 € 5,95 €
Frigo 8,00 € 8,00 €
Sólo se paga parcela del 1 al 19 de agosto (INCLUIDO) (Parcela incl. coche/moto y tienda/caravana o coche cama) 18,75 €

Internet AKIWIFI on the hole campsite

Open the hole year



Reservations are not allowed at the campsite for groups or bachelor parties.


2 personas 4 personas 5 personas
Type 5 Type 1b and 6 Tipos 2, 3 y 4 Tipos 1a, 2 y 3
1 noche 45.00 € 50.00 € 65.00 € 75.00 €
7 noches 294.00 € 329.00 € 434.00 € 504.00 €
1 día S. Santa
(Jueves, viernes,
sábado, domingo)
90.00 € 100.00 € 120.00 € 140.00 €

Booking request

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Regulations bookings

Confirmation reservation

It will be effective at the time of booking. The amount shall be 50% of the total reservation. The mode of payment will be by bank transfer that facilitate the establishment, always putting the concept of the book's name who has booked stay.

Billing and payment of stay

The payment of the stay will occur before entering the bungalow.

Deposit and bond

Upon arrival you will be asked a deposit (50.00 €) in respect of breakage caused by irrational behavior or cleaning dirt and disorder caused by the same type.

Cancellation / Cancellation of the reservation once confirmed

The customer may request the cancellation of the reservation at any time and for any reason, however, this will be penalized according to the table below:

10% of the amount advanced if the cancellation is requested 30 days in advance to set the date of arrival.

50% of the amount advanced if the cancellation is requested 15 days prior to set arrival date.

100% of the amount advanced if the cancellation is requested in advance for 7 days to set cno arrival.

In any case, the costs of processing and managing the cancellation are borne by the customer.


The entrance to the bungalow can be done from 17: 00h (if available bungalow will delivery before)


When eviction is between 8: 00h and 12: 00h in the morning. Thus leaving the stay at the campground so you can not use the facilities.

Inspection and access to the bungalow by the authorized personnel

The company reserves the right to make an inspection of the condition of the bungalow if there are reasonable indications that improper use was giving the bungalow. This will take place in the presence of the owner or occupant of any greater age. Likewise, the person making the reservation is obliged to provide access to authorized personnel by the company to carry out repair work you need.


The occupants of the bungalow will always be the same, ie, may not be exchanged places, but may increase the amount up to the maximum allowed in each bungalow, in the event that the start of the stay is not employed at all squares.

Prior to access to camping, it must be filled in a form with details of each occupant.


Any visit that is received regardless of the length of it, will be paid based on the general rate camping and must be registered by the owner of the bungalow.

The rental price includes

The consumption of water, gas, electricity and air conditioning originating in the price of the bungalow, and the use of equipment and utensils.

The rental price does not include

Equipment towels and sheets, and the replacement of products courtesy kit, intermediate cleaning.